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Accessibility Help

Navigation help

The GRUPO BARSEGA VALENCIA SL website is structured as described below.

At the top of the page is the header.


It has the following features:

The social networks located on the left to be able to access each of them.

The GRUPO BARSEGA VALENCIA SL logo located in the center leads, by clicking on it, to the home page.

On the right is the “hamburger” format menu icon that, when clicked, opens the different links on the website.


The main Navigation Menu of the aforementioned website, to the right of the logo, has the following links to these pages of the website:

Home, to go to the home page of the website.

Spaces, allows access to the presentation of the different spaces of the restaurant, with a brief description and an image gallery.

Menu, allows access to the restaurant’s menu.

Menu of the day, allows you to access the restaurant’s menu of the day.

Group menu, allows access to the restaurant’s group menus.

Christmas menu, allows you to access the restaurant’s Christmas menus.

Bodegas, allows access to the restaurant’s wine list.

Work with us, allow access to the section to send a resume to the restaurant applying for a job.

Contact, allows us to access a page with a contact form and location map.

Reservations, allows us to access the reservation form in the restaurant.

In the central part of all pages we find the information of the page.

The Home page shows a summary of all the sections of the website, it is divided into blocks that link to the sections of the website.

At the bottom of the page is the footer.

footerIn the footer we find various links of interest, including the web map, which offers a diagram of the structure of the pages of the GRUPO BARSEGA VALENCIA SL website , and the Accessibility page from where you can contact for complaints and suggestions.

Two floating buttons also always appear on all website pages at the bottom of the website on the right, one with the WhatsApp logo to contact directly via WhatsApp and another with an accessibility icon, to configure the view of the website to your liking. : contrasts, font sizes…

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