Menu - Restaurante Cocoa Patacona - Playa de la Patacona, Valencia


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Cold Starters

López “Serie Oro”anchovy (price by unit) 4,50 €
French oyster (price by unit) 4,80 €
Prawn salad with fried egg and Lupo roe. 10,60 €
Lima cause of chicken and crispy onion 9,80€
Tomato and avocado tartare with egg textures 12 €
Cuttlefish with mayonnaise 12,40€
Roasted eggplant hummus with tortilla chips from Tajín and lime 8,20 €
Norwegian salmon tartare with apple and crunchy rice 16 €
Red tuna tartare on avocado and ink coral
19,60 €
Aged beef steak tartar over brioche 18 €

Hot Starters

Iberian Ham Croquettes with Idiazábal (6 pieces per portion) / (Half Portion) 16€/8,20€
Homemade shrimp croquettes with red shrimp citrus emulsion (Portion 6 units) / (Half portion) 18€/9,20€
Scallops with foie (2 unids) 9,20 €
Crispy prawn skewer with tartar sauce 12 €
Patatas Bravas COCOA 8,20 €
Fresh octopus with parmentier and a soft truffled touch 23 €
Sautéed eels with shrimp 14 €
Carved cuttlefish 14,40 €
Vegetable tempura and sweet and sour dip 13,80 €
Wok with sautéed vegetables and smoked tofu 9.80€
Squid “a la Romana” 14 €
Squid with onions in wine with garic 16 €
Tellinas 12,40 €
Baby squid 12,50 €
Clotxinas or mussel 12 €


Suckling lamb chops and sweet potato cream 24,50 €
Aged Angus entrecotte with bone (400gr) 28,60 €
Old cow burger with caramelized onion, bacon, cheddar cream and adiazabal 16 €


Bilbaina baked sea bass 19 €
Salmon with its chipotle hollandaise and grilled bimi 21€
Fresh sole fish of the day 24,20 €

Our rice dishes

Minimum for 2 persons. The rice dishes are full table and the price is per person. Available ONLY for lunch.

Our rice dishes are subject to prior reservation.


Roasted pineapple and cocoa cream tiradito with coconut ice cream 6,80 €
Chocolate brownie with vainilla icecream 6,80 €
Torrija of brioche bread, nougat cream and meringue ice cream 6,80 €
Our Valencian cheesecake
(recomendada para dos personas)
8,60 €

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